Hi, my name is Stephanie!


I am a real-life mermaid living on St Pete Beach, Florida. The water, specifically, the ocean resonates with my soul and always has. To me, being a mermaid is an ocean minded lifestyle that I eat, breath and sleep daily. I wanted to create a website that would show others the awesomeness of our seas as well as the ways in which we can make it better. And after one night of one too many adult beverages the word Mermadical {combination of mermaid and radical} was born.

So what are you going to see when scrolling through this site? I'm thinking I will drop some serious shell knowledge on you, followed by a ton of ocean advocacy points, dates for local beach clean ups, perhaps even some food and fitness tips to keep your tail tight, and maybe I'll throw in a few witty beach phrases to keep you smiling. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure all the Mermadical will entail {pun intended}, kinda just want to go with the flow of the ocean and my heart :)